CryptoWorld - ccminer 1.8.3


This variant was based on cbuchner1 v1.2 beta, and now supports colored output, stats API, multiple pools, conditional mining and time limits, and many other features.

It contains most algorithms, except cpu-only variants such as m7, m7m and CryptoNight. Some of the algorithms were implemented by djm34, cleaned to be readable on both linux and windows.
My releases are generally tuned for the Geforce GTX 750Ti, which is a good reference for tests (Linux + Windows) and has less hashrate drop in activity (unlike the 9xx series).

For a comprehensive list of the algorithms supported as well as details about the various configuration parameters, please check the ReadMe file.

Direct links

Windows Binaries :
Source Code :
Linux, read first :
Sample Command Line : ccminer -a lyra2rev2 -o stratum+tcp:// -u 1AJdfCpLWPNoAMDfHF1wD5y8VgKSSTHxPo
Hash rates spreadsheet (usually outdated)



  Sep. 22th 2016  v1.8.2
                  lbry improvements by Alexis Provos
                  Prevent Windows hibernate while mining
                  veltor algo (basic implementation)

  Aug. 10th 2016  v1.8.1
                  Small lbry boost with the help of alexis78 (tipped)
                  SIA Blake2-B Algo (getwork over stratum for Suprnova)
                  SIA Nanopool RPC (binary getwork over http)
                  Update also the older lyra2 with Nanashi version

  July 20th 2016  v1.8.0
                  Pascal support with cuda 8
                  lbry new multi sha / ripemd algo (LBC)
                  x11evo algo (XRE)
                  Lyra2v2, Neoscrypt and Decred improvements
                  Enhance windows NVAPI clock and power limits
                  Led support for mining/shares activity on windows

  May  18th 2016  v1.7.6
                  Decred vote support
                  X17 cleanup and improvement
                  Add stratum method and handle unknown methods
                  Implement a pool stats/benchmark mode (-p stats on yiimp)
                  Add --shares-limit parameter, can be used for benchmarks
                  Increase max password len for multi-algos pools settings (coefs)

  Mar. 13th 2016  v1.7.5
                  Blake2S Algo (NEVA/XVG)

  Feb. 28th 2016  v1.7.4 (1.7.3 was a preview, not official)
                  Decred simplified stratum (getwork over stratum)
                  Vanilla kernel by MrMad
                  Drop/Disable WhirlpoolX

  Feb. 11th 2016  v1.7.2
                  Decred Algo (longpoll + getwork - no stratum)
                  Blake256 improvements/cleanup

  Jan. 26th 2016  v1.7.1
                  Implement sib algo (X11 + Russian Streebog-512/GOST)
                  Whirlpool speed x2 with the midstate precompute
                  Small bug fixes about device ids mapping (and vendor names)
                  Add Vanilla algo (Blake256 8-rounds - double sha256)

  Nov. 06th 2015  v1.7
                  Improve old devices compatibility (x11, lyra2/v2, quark, qubit...)
                  Add windows support for SM 2.1 and drop SM 3.5 (x86 builds only)
                  Improve lyra2 (v1/v2) cuda implementations
                  Improve most common algos on SM5+ with sp blake kernel
                  Restore whirlpool algo (and whirlcoin variant)
                  Prepare algo/pool switch ability, trivial method
                  Add --benchmark alone to run a benchmark/test for all algos
                  Add --cuda-schedule parameter
                  Add --show-diff parameter, which display shares diff,
                    and is able to detect real solved blocks on pools.

  Aug. 28th 2015  v1.6.6
                  Allow to load remote config with curl (-c http://...)
                  Add Lyra2REv2 algo (Vertcoin/Zoom)
                  Restore WhirlpoolX algo (VNL)
                  Drop Animecoin support
                  Add bmw (Midnight) algo

  June 23th 2015  v1.6.5
                  Handle Ziftrcoin PoK solo mining (first public PoK miner)
                  Basic compatibility with CUDA 7.0 (generally slower hashrate)
                  Show gpus vendor names on linux and windows x64 via nvml
                  Remove -v and -m short params specific to heavycoin
                  Add --diff-multiplier (-m) and rename --diff to --diff-factor (-f)
                  First steps to handle nvml application clocks and P0 on the GTX9xx (Linux and Windows x64)
                  Various improvements on multipool and cmdline parameters
                  Optimize a bit qubit, deep, luffa, x11 and quark algos

  May 26th 2015   v1.6.4
                  Implement multi-pool support (failover and time rotate)
                    try "ccminer -c pools.conf" to test the sample config
                  Update the API to allow remote pool switching and pool stats
                  Auto bind the api port to the first available when using default
                  Try to compute network difficulty on pools too (for most algos)
                  Drop Whirlpool and whirpoolx algos, no more used...

  May. 15th 2015  v1.6.3
                  Import and adapt Neoscrypt from djm34 work (SM 5+ only)
                  Conditional mining options based on gpu temp, network diff and rate
                  background option implementation for windows too
                  "Multithreaded" devices (-d 0,0) intensity and stats changes
                  SM5+ Optimisation of skein based on sp/klaus method (+20%)

  Apr. 21th 2015  v1.6.2
                  Import Scrypt, Scrypt:N and Scrypt-jane from Cudaminer
                  Add the --time-limit command line parameter

  Apr. 14th 2015  v1.6.1
                  Add the Double Skein Algo for Woodcoin
                  Skein/Skein2 SM 3.0 devices support

  Mar. 27th 2015  v1.6.0
                  Add the ZR5 Algo for Ziftrcoin
                  Implement Skeincoin algo (skein + sha)
                  Import pluck (djm34) and whirlpoolx (alexis78) algos
                  Hashrate units based on hashing rate values (Hs/kHs/MHs/GHs)
                  Default config file (also help to debug without command line)
                  ccminer -n now lists the devices and print their SM version
                  Various small fixes

  Feb. 11th 2015  v1.5.3
                  Fix anime algo and qubit difficulty factor
                  Allow a default config file in user or ccminer folder
                  SM 2.1 windows binary (lyra2 and blake/blakecoin for the moment)
                  Add an icon and version informations

  Jan. 24th 2015  v1.5.2
                  Allow per device intensity, example: -i 20,19.5
                  Add process CPU priority and affinity mask parameters
                  Intelligent duplicate shares check feature (enabled if needed)
                  api: Fan RPM (windows), Cuda threads count, linux kernel ver.
                  More X11 optimisations from sp and KlausT
                  SM 3.0 enhancements

  Dec. 16th 2014  v1.5.1
                  Add lyra2RE algo for Vertcoin based on djm34/vtc code
                  Multiple shares support (2 for the moment)
                  X11 optimisations (From klaust and sp-hash)
                  HTML5 WebSocket api compatibility (see api/websocket.htm)
                  Solo mode height checks with getblocktemplate rpc calls

  Nov. 27th 2014  v1.5.0
                  Upgrade compat jansson to 2.6 (for windows)
                  Add pool mining.set_extranonce support
                  Allow intermediate intensity with decimals
                  Update prebuilt openssl lib to 1.0.1i
                  Fix heavy algo on linux (broken since 1.4)
                  Some internal changes to use the C++ compiler
                  New API 1.2 with some new commands (read only)
                  Add some of sp x11/x15 optimisations (and tsiv x13)

  Nov. 15th 2014  v1.4.9
                  Support of nvml and nvapi(windows) to monitor gpus
                  Fix (again) displayed hashrate for multi gpus systems
                    Average is now made by card (30 scans of the card)
                  Final API v1.1 (new fields + histo command)
                  Add support of telnet queries "telnet 4068"
                  add histo api command to get performance debug details
                  Add a rig sample php ui using json wrapper (php)
                  Restore quark/jackpot previous speed (differently)

  Nov. 12th 2014  v1.4.8
                  Add a basic API and sample php json wrapper
		  Add statsavg (def 20) and api-bind parameters

  Nov. 11th 2014  v1.4.7
                  Average hashrate (based on the 20 last scans)
                  Rewrite blake algo
                  Add the -i (gpu threads/intensity parameter)
                  Add some X11 optimisations based on sp_ commits
                  Fix quark reported hashrate and benchmark mode for some algos
                  Enhance json config file param (int/float/false) (-c config.json)
                  Update windows prebuilt curl to 7.38.0

  Oct. 26th 2014  v1.4.6
                  Add S3 algo reusing existing code (onecoin)
                  Small X11 (simd512) enhancement

  Oct. 20th 2014  v1.4.5
                  Add keccak algo from djm34 repo (maxcoin)
                  Curl 7.35 and OpenSSL are now included in the binary (and win tree)
                  Enhance windows terminal support (--help was broken)

  Sep. 27th 2014  v1.4.4
                  First SM 5.2 Release (GTX 970 & 980)
                  CUDA Runtime included in binary
                  Colors enabled by default

  Sep. 10th 2014  add algos from djm34 (deep,doom,qubit)
                  Goalcoin seems to be dead, not imported.
                  Create also the pentablake algo (5x Blake 512)

  Sep.  6th 2014  Enhance blake and blakecoin speeds by 2  with the "midstate" cache

  Sep.  4th 2014  add X17, optimized x15 and whirl
                  add blake (256 variant)
                  color support on Windows,
                  remove some dll dependencies (pthreads, msvcp)

  Aug. 18th 2014  add X14, X15, Whirl, and Fresh algos,
                  also add colors and nvprof cmd line support

Tips and Tricks

To Windows users using Opera or Chrome 37+ :
Type about://flags and disable WebGL, there is now a parameter on the main settings page (use hardware resources)
Chrome will be faster if you mine on the GPU (and the miner too Wink )




ccminer 1.8.3 with sia, lyra2 and lbry boost - opensource (tpruvot)


Direct links

Windows Binaries :
Source Code :
Linux, read first :
Sample Command Line : ccminer -a lyra2rev2 -o stratum+tcp:// -u 1AJdfCpLWPNoAMDfHF1wD5y8VgKSSTHxPo
Hash rates spreadsheet (usually outdated)



  Sep. 28th 2016  v1.8.3

                  show intensity on startup for each cards

                  show-diff is now used by default, use --hide-diff if not wanted



There was no big changes in the 1.8.3, the release is there because my current git was compiled by crypto mining blog...

The next improvement will be "passive", its called winter temperatures

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