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Installation of Cgminer on Windows !



How to setup CGMiner for mining Scrypt


So first we need to download 3.7.2 (which is the last version to support GPU mining) of CGMiner from here.

After you have downloaded CGMiner unpack the Zip file with WinRAR or WinZip.


So now that you have the files its time to setup everything so that you get the most out of your GPU.

There are 3 ways of settings up CGMiner which are trough the program itself, with a Config files and with a Batch file.

For this guide i will be using the Batch file method and i might add the Config file method later down the road.


Now open Notepad (if you dont have it Click here) or any other text editor you might be using and start by typing the following



  For Example  
                                                          setx GPU_MAX_ALLOC_PERCENT 100
                                                          setx GPU_USE_SYNC_OBJECTS 1

                                  cgminer --scrypt -o stratum+tcp://[poolurl:[port] -u [username].[workername] -p [password]

For Example on Mineshaft

                                                          setx GPU_MAX_ALLOC_PERCENT 100
                                                          setx GPU_USE_SYNC_OBJECTS 1
                                  cgminer --scrypt -o stratum+tcp:// -u [username].[workername] -p [password]


-u is your username+worker that you made on the pool website

-p is for the password you set it at


These settings will be enough to get you started mining without even optimizing it for your GPU.

So now you should save this into your CGMiner folder as a batch file.

Go to Save As in notepad and then change Save as type: to All Files and put .bat behind the name.



So now for the optimizing part. There are a few parameters to optimize your CGMiner to your GPU.

-w    Worksize 64, 128, 182 or 256 where 256 is the maximum

-I   Intensity is pretty crucial too high and it will lower your hash rate and give HW errors and too low will also lower your hash rate.

Intensity can be set from 0 to 20.

-g    Once you have found the optimal shaders and intensity, you can start increasing the -g value till cgminer fails to start.

Rarely will you be able to go over about -g 4 and each increase in -g only increases hashrate slightly.

--shaders     Use the shader count that your GPU has

--thread-concurrency      This tunes the optimal size of work that scrypt can do.

It is internally tuned by cgminer to be the highest reasonable multiple of shaders that it can allocate on your GPU.

Ideally it should be a multiple of your shader count. vliw5 architecture (R5XXX) would be best at 5x shaders, while VLIW4 (R6xxx and R7xxx) are best at 4x.

Setting thread concurrency overrides anything you put into --shaders.


Now for your GPU settings in CGMiner i'll use mine as an example.


                                                                                              --gpu-engine 1150 (gpu clocks you want to use)
                                                                                              --gpu-fan 10-85 (fan speed you want to use)
                                                                                              --gpu-memclock 1450 (memory clocks you want to use)
                                                                                              --gpu-powertune 10 (powertune i always leave it at 10 or 20)
                                                                                              --temp-cutoff 90 (max temperature untill CGMiner stops i usually put it at 90)
                                                                                              --temp-overheat 85
                                                                                              --temp-target 75 (max temperature you want to reach so it can adjust the fan speed you set at --gpu-fan)


When CGMiner is running look out at the [R] and [HW] points !

[R] should be below 1% of your accepted other wise it will slow down your hashrate too much for

[HW] errors there should be 0 if not your settings arn't the correct ones .




So here is what my batch file for CGMiner looks like with an R9 270 X VaporX

and remember these are guide lines so what works for me might not work good for you

so you have to play a bit with these settings.

Also my thread concurrency is higher then what this guide says it should be so as you can see its not the be all end all guide these are just guidelines.


So finally here is what my Tutorial batch file looks like which gets me  380 Kh/s !



cgminer   --scrypt -o stratum+tcp://  -u Lafu.Lafu  -p x  -I 15  --thread-concurrency 16384  --worksize  64  --gpu-engine 1150 --gpu-memclock 1450  --gpu-fan 50  --gpu-powertune 10  --gpu-threads 2             


And my example (batch file) has been built on this tutorial and extra rewritten for!

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